Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Death Penalty Is The Punishment Of A Capital Crime

The death penalty is the punishment of implementation administered to someone guilty of a capital crime. Death penalty is also referred to as capital punishment that also takes care of the implementation of the penalty once found guilty by the relevant authorities. The penalty laws, however, date as far as the 18th century during the reign of King Hammurabi of Babylon. This fact according to history codified the penalty for 25 different crimes (Murphy and Russell). It was also part of the 14 century BC. It was also the only punishment for all offenses in the 7th century BCs draconian code of Athens. This penalty was also carried out in the form of crucifixion, drowning, and burning alive in the 5th century’s BC Roman law of the 12 tablets.†¦show more content†¦The laws regarding the death penalty however varied from colony to colony. Why I believe death penalty should be abolished For the worst crimes, life without liberation is better, for many reasons. I’m against the capital punishment not because I sympathize with those found culpable but because it does not comfort the bereaved neither does it result to instant justice but because it doesn’t reduce the crime rate, risks the execution of innocent persons and prolongs the anguish of families of murder victims Various studies have been carried out globally however majority of them have sort to show that death penalty is not an effective means of punishment for capital offenses rather it is ineffective for the reasons given below. First, research has shown that this kind of penalty only perpetuates a cycle of violence. Most of our country’s justice systems have been manipulated leading to the prosecution of the innocent people and those guilty being set free. Moreover, the penalty is immoral and hypocritical in the sense that some of the crimes punishable by death are not realistic. For instance, premeditated murder in most cases has not been justified enough to render one for the death penalty (Hood, Roger, and Surya 67). Our correction facilities prison’s, for instance, tend to favor those who are wealthy compared to the less fortunate in the society. This fact gives you a clear view on how our judicial systems can be manipulated to

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